Mazowiecki Sojusz Energetyczny

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About Cluster

Cluster Mazovia Energy Alliance (Mazowiecki Sojusz Energetyczny) is an open initiative gathering the renewable energy sources entities. Clusters are strong and highly competitive groups of companies with a specified profile of activity along with the surrounding institutions (scientific, service oriented, administrative). While companies represent a fundamental strength of clusters, involvement of other institutions is also important for the development of clusters/cluster initiatives. These can include business support organizations, research centers, universities and administration. The cluster Mazovia Energy Alliance promotes renewable energy and energy efficiency and is focused on:

• renewable energy in agricultural area – solar, wind, biomass and biogas energy plants
• energy planning, energy monitoring, market development and collection of regional data

The objectives of the Mazovia Energy Alliance are:

• promoting use of renewable energy sources, especially in agricultural area,
• promoting RES investments in Mazovia, improving energy safety in the region,
• reduction of fossil fuel use and their impact on the environment
• providing services to increase energy efficiency
• popularization of eco-friendly behavior