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Mazovia Region

Mazowieckie voivodeship has an area of 35600 km2 - it is the biggest region in Poland. Mazowieckie has the Warsaw metropolitan area with the biggest city - tha capital of Poland - Warsaw, which plays dominant socio-economic role and is also the main transport hub for Europe. Mazovia boasts the biggest office space in the ranking of voivodeships. The region has the greatest number of students in the country (also number of universities) and good demographic structure. So it is a good region for investors. On the other hand Mazovia has great natural conditions - high quality of natural environment legally protected (29,6%).Agricultural land covers around 65% of the voivodeship area (13% of the agricultural land of Poland). Mazovia is the centre of gardening and horticulture. Around 30% of the area of the Polish orchards is situated in Mazovia, which represents more than 40% of the national fruit production. More than half of apples and one-fourth of strawberries are produced in the mazowieckie voiovdeship. Mazovia is also a leading producer of vegetables and the second largest producer of cereals in Poland. The mazowieckie voivodeship is also a leader in milk production, and the production of meat is also its asset.