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Project 5.1

Instytut Agroenergetyki implements the project "Development of Mazovia Energy Alliance trough closer links with R&D co-operation”. The project was granted with the support under the Programme Innovative Economy.

Priority Axis 5. Diffusion of innovation
Measure 5.1 Support for the development of supra-regional cooperative relations
Beneficiary: Instytut Agroenergetyki Sp. z o.o.
The support agreement was signed 2013.05.07, document no UDA-POIG.05.01.00-00-045/11-00
Total cost of the project: 1 035 528,99 PLN
The amount of granted support: 714 515,00 PLN

Project Coordinator – Maciej Gołębiewski

Assistant Project Coordinator – Damian Kozłowski

ul. Bagno 2 lok. 73 00-112 Warszawa


Tel./Fax.: +48 22 188 12 35

Main projects assumptions:

    1) The purchase of transportable Innovative Biogas Battery (IBB),
    2) The purchase of the technology for the IBB,
    3) The purchase of advisory services (financial advisory concerning cluster financing, Expertise in possibility of chicken        manure fermentation, Energy market analysis and business case for biogas investors, RES clusters in
      Poland analysis, Expertise in safety for IBB),
    4) The purchase of training services for cluster members
    5) Cluster promoting (trades, conferences, press, Internet)

IBB – Innovative Biogas Battery